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【Detection purpose】
Canine are susceptible to ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, and Lyme disease following tick
bites. This Ehrlichia canis (EHR), Anaplasma (ANA) and Lyme disease (LYM)
antibody detection kit can simultaneously detect IgG antibodies produced by these three
pathogens in blood after infection.
【Detection principle】
The product uses fluorescence immunochromatography to quantitatively detect the EHR,
ANA, LYM antibody content in canine serum/plasma. There are T lines and C lines on
the nitrocellulose membrane respectively. The Conjugate Pad contains a marker that
specifically recognizes all dog IgG. When the sample contains EHR, ANA, LYM
antibodies, EHR, ANA, LYM antibodies will bind to the T line, which contains EHR,
ANA, LYM antigens. When the excitation light is irradiated, the nanomaterial emits a
fluorescent signal, and the signal intensity is positively correlated with the concentration
of EHR, ANA, and LYM antibodies in the sample.
.【Main ingredients】
1. EHR /ANA/LYM Ab Detection Reagent Card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc

Canine Triple Antibody 3 IN 1 (EHR /ANA/LYM)Ab Test Kit

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