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【Test Purpose】
The concentration of Canine Progesterone (cProg) in serum is related to the estrus stage
of the dog. Compared with LH, the concentration of cProg is always rising during the
estrus period of the dog, which is easier to track and can reflect the estrus situation of
the dog in real time. The best breeding time is 3-6 days after the peak of LH. The
progesterone level corresponding to the best breeding time varies widely between
different dogs, generally between 0-50ng/ml, but there are also some that exceed this
range. Therefore, the degree of vaginal epithelial cell qualitative and dynamic real-time
monitoring The combined assessment method of serum progesterone concentration can
greatly increase the probability of pregnancy in dogs.
【Detection principle】
This product uses fluorescence immunochromatography to quantitatively detect the
content of cProg in dog serum/plasma. Basic principle: T and C lines are marked on the
nitrocellulose membrane, the T line is coated with cProg antigen a, and the binding pad
is sprayed with a fluorescent nanomaterial labeled antibody b that can specifically
recognize cProg. The cProg in the sample is first labeled with the nanomaterial. The
antibody b binds to form a complex, and then chromatographs upward. The complex
competes with T-line antigen a and cannot be captured; On the contrary, when there is
no cProg in the sample, antibody b binds to antigen a. When the excitation light is
irradiated, the nano material emits a fluorescent signal, and the strength of the signal is
inversely proportional to the concentration of cProg in the sample.
【Main Ingredients】
1. cProg test reagent card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc.

Canine Progesterone(cProg) Test Kit

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