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【Detection purpose】
Canine N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide(Canine NT-proBNP)is a substance
secreted by myocardial cells in the canine ventricle, which can be used as a detection
indicator for corresponding heart failure. The concentration of cNT-proBNP in the blood
is related to the severity of the disease. Therefore, NT-proBNP can not only assess the
severity of acute and chronic heart failure, but also serve as an indicator of its prognosis.
【Detection principle】
This product uses fluorescence immunochromatography to quantitatively detect the
content of cNT-proBNP in serum/plasma. Basic principle: T and C lines are respectively
marked on the nitrocellulose membrane, and the T line is coated with an antibody a that
specifically recognizes cNT-proBNP. The binding pad is sprayed with another fluorescent
nano-material-labeled antibody b that can specifically recognize cNT-proBNP. The cNTproBNP
in the sample first combines with the nano-material-labeled antibody b to form a
complex, which is then chromatographed upwards. The T-line antibody a binds to form a
sandwich structure. When the excitation light is irradiated, the nanomaterial emits a
fluorescent signal, and the strength of the signal is positively correlated with the
concentration of cNT-proBNP in the sample.
【Main ingredients】
1. cNT-proBNP detection reagent card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc

Canine N-terminal B-type brain natriuretic peptide precursor(cNT-ProBNP) Test Ki

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