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【Detection purpose】
Cystatin C is one of cysteine protease inhibitor proteins. Cys C is an endogenous substance
that basically meets the requirements of ideal endogenous GFR markers so far. It is a
newly developed indicator with good sensitivity and high specificity for evaluating cat and
dog kidney function
【Detection principle】
This product detect the Cys C in whole blood and serum/plasma based on fluorescence
immunochromatography quantitative testing. Basic principle: T and C lines are
respectively marked on the nitrocellulose membrane, and the T line is coated with an
antibody a that specifically recognizes the Cys C antigen. The binding pad is sprayed with
another fluorescent nano-material-labeled antibody b that can specifically recognize Cys
C. The Cys C in the sample first combines with the nano-material-labeled antibody b to
form a complex, which is then chromatographed upwards. Antibody a binds to form a
sandwich structure. When the excitation light is irradiated, the nanomaterial emits a
fluorescent signal, and the strength of this signal is positively correlated with the
concentration of Cys C in the sample.
【Main ingredients】
1. CysC detection reagent card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc

Canine/Feline Cystatin C (CysC) Test Kit

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