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【Detection purpose】
Canine distemper virus (CDV) belongs to measles virus of para-mucosal virus family,
which can cause severe infectious diseases in dogs. Detection of CDV IgG antibody in
dogs can reflect the body's immune status.
Clinical significance:
1) for pre-immunization evaluation;
2) antibody titer detection after immunization;
3) early detection and diagnosis during canine distemper infection.
【Detection principle】
This product uses fluorescence immunochromatography to quantitatively detect CDV
IgG antibody content in dog blood. Basic principle: there are T and C lines on the nitric
acid fiber membrane. Combination mat can spray has specific recognition CDV IgG
antibody of fluorescent markers, nanomaterials CDV IgG antibody in the sample first
and combine to form compounds nanometer materials markers, and then to the above
analysis, the compounds with T line, when the excitation light, nanometer material
emission fluorescence signal, and the strength of the signal with the sample of CDV is
closely relative to IgG antibody concentration.
【Main ingredients】
1. CDV Ab detection reagent card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc

Canine distemper virus Antibody (CDV-Ab) Test Kit

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