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【Detection purpose】
Canine D- Dimer (cD-D)is a specific product formed by fibrin clots during the
degradation of fibrinolytic enzymes, which mainly reflects the fibrinolysis function. The
increase of concentration indicates the presence of high coagulation state and secondary
hyperfibrinolysis in dogs.
Therefore, d-dimer in dogs is a reliable pathological marker of coagulation, which is
of great significance for the diagnosis, treatment evaluation and prognosis
observation of thrombotic diseases in dogs.
【Detection principle】
Canine d-dimer in whole blood, serum/plasma was quantitatively detected by
fluorescence immunochromatography.
Basic principle: the nitric acid fiber membrane is marked with T and C lines respectively,
and the T line is coated with a specific identification of Canine d-dimer antigen antibody
a.Binding specificity spray mat can identify Canine D - dimer another fluorescent
nanomaterials labeled antibody, b sample of Canine D - dimer and nanomaterials labeled
antibody b first combine to form compounds, and then to the upper analysis, a
combination of the complexes and T line antibody, form a sandwich structure, when the
excitation light, nanometer material emission fluorescence signal, and the strength of the
signal with the sample of Canine D - dimer is closely relative to the concentration.
【Main ingredients】
1. cD-D detection reagent card
2. Sample diluent
3. Tip
4. Instructions, etc

Canine D- Dimer (cD-D)Test Kit

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