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Our Story

Shenzhen JZ technology was established in 2016,located in Shenzhen National Biomedical Industrial Park.
It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of immunerelated
reagents.dedicated to the in vitro diagnosis (IVD) industry in the life and health industry, focusing on
point-of-care Testing(POCT). JZ's unique point-of-care Testing(POCT) technology and multi index joint
detection technology are in the leading position in the world. At present, the company's research products
mainly include a series of products such as infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, and antibody
detection of experimental animals.98% of the company's staff are from the pharmaceutical industry,
including 11 doctors, masters and overseas returnees. The company has professional teams such as
reagent R&D and production center, instrument R&D and manufacturing center, and sales center to support
the rapid development of the company.

The company's existing office space is 2,600 square meters, and the production area is about 800 square
meters, including about 460 square meters for the 100,000-level GMP workshop and more than 340 square
meters for the 10,000-level workshop. There are professional laboratories (positive laboratory, microbiology
laboratory, sterile laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, cell room) with complete production and
testing equipment, which can meet the production of Class I, II and III diagnostic reagents.


The enterprise spirit adheres to the service idea of "winning customers' affection with professionalism and
sincerity", and has cultivated a large number of professional teams for R & D, design, service sales and
product production.

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